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TELEDUCTION, an independent production company based in Wilmington, Delaware, is a "David" in a Goliath-sized industry.

Since 1976, TELEDUCTION has produced and distributed critically-acclaimed programs to both broadcast and educational audiences.TELEDUCTION titles range in content from issue-oriented public affairs programs and cultural/historical documentaries to narrative children's programming.

In addition to its artistic vision, TELEDUCTION is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the greater community through the television and film arts. This commitment is manifested in our partnerships with community and non-profit organizations, and the aesthetic and technical standards that empower our celebrated productions.

For TELEDUCTION's many non-profit clients, lower-budget projects receive superior attention and "added value" (and many garner prestigious industry awards!).

TELEDUCTION also produces broadcast programs for national audiences on PBS, Nickelodeon, A&E, The History Channel and BRAVO.

TELEDUCTION co-founder Sharon Kelly Baker sums it up, "…Television is an enormously powerful medium with the potential to influence the experience of millions of viewers. While we feel fortunate to be able to earn a living in this arts-based venue, we also feel a responsibility to constantly try to raise the level of the water by even a drop."

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