N O N - P R O F I T

Applying broadcaste standards to corporate communications, from CEO's to new hires . . . a key customer bases.

CASE STUDIES, DEVELOPMENT (`FRIEND-RAISING’ and FUND RAISING), VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT, ORIENTATION AND TRAINING, BENEFITS EXPLANATION, PACKAGES FOR AWARDS AND SPECIAL EVENTS, LOBBYING…TELEDUCTION has a strong history of creating effective, diverse, high-quality communications for nonprofit and governmental clients in a very wide range of agencies that include, Human and Social Services, Education and Training, Youth, Justice, the Arts, the Environment and others.

Beginning with researching and understanding the target, TELEDUCTION works hand-in-hand with agencies to engage their audiences. For employees, client populations, funding sources, volunteers and, or the general public, we develop the creative approaches, scripts and on-camera participation that will accomplish communications goals.

From creating the right lighting and frame for a critical soundbite from Agency and Board leadership…to explaining critical service offerings and needs to critical audiences, TELEDUCTION works with nonprofit clients to apply the right treatments, production and distribution formats to help agencies maximize impact for minimum investment.

I have a Dream

AIDS Delaware - AIDS Walk

Objective: Recruitment and Development
Fast paced and shot with multiple cameras, this short video captures the energy, diversity and personal motivation of the walkers as thousands gather to raise awareness and funds to combat this deadly disease.

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Bayhealth Medical Center

Objective: Employee Orientation
Training employees to give five star customer service is the goal of this memorable show-and-tell produced for internal use.

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Cathedral Choir School of Delaware

Objective: Public Relations and Development
Sound, color and pageantry blend with marvelous close-ups of young urban choristers in a short, inspirational story of the tradition and modern operation of the Cathedral Choir School of Delaware.

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Delaware Guidance Services

Objective: Raising Public Awareness
Child and family mental health concerns are made real in this television commercial campaign that makes a compelling and urgent case for supporting this important community resource.


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Delaware Tech

Objective: Raising Public Awareness and Enrollment
This broadcast campaign targets new high-school grads and non-traditional students explaining the many benefits of earning a Delaware Tech degree..